reel to reel tape - cassette tape - records mini disc - dictaphone and dat

Reel to Reel Audio Tape, Records (Vinyl), Cassette, MiniDisc, Dictaphone and DAT can be transferred to Audio CD or MP3. The media you supply is recorded to computer where filters are applied to reduce distortion like: hiss, hum, clicks etc. If your media is being transferred to Audio CD we will place track markers in suitable places. If your media is being transferred to MP3 then each tape or reel will be an individual MP3 file on either the CD-ROM or USB.

Minimum Charge – £25.00

FROM: Reel to Reel Audio Tape, 33 and a half RPM record, Cassette, MiniDisc, Dictaphone and DAT.
First hour – £25.00
Each additional hour – £15.00

FROM: 45rpm and 78rpm Records

Each record – £5.00

There will also be an additional £5.00 carriage charge added to every order.

If you require the MP3 files on a USB stick add £8.00 to your order. 
Additional CD copies £6.00 per disc – Additional USB copies £15.00 per USB

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