Photos from videotape or dvd

The quality is best from the original material i.e Camcorder Tape. Photos sizes are approximate.

Minimum Charge £20.00

Still image from Videotape or DVD to 6″x4″ or 7″x5″ Photos – £8.00 each

Still image from Videotape or DVD to 8″x6″ or 10″x8″ Photos – £8.50 each 

Additional copies of Photos 6X4″ or 7×5″ 80p each – 8×6″ or 10×8″ £2.00 each

To ensure that we print the correct image we will require time counter readings in Hours, Minutes and Seconds (not 4 digit counter readings) using the time clock on your video, DVD or camcorder plus a brief description of each picture.

Do remember to rewind the tape and reset the counter clock to 0:00:00 before you start.

To get the best quality we suggest that we are provided with the original tape which in most cases will be a camcorder tape otherwise the quality of the prints may be poor.

Note: the print quality will not be as sharp as a regular photograph especially if the recording was made in long play. All original material is returned with your completed order.


For more information contact your local agent or telephone our technical help line on (01242 588561)

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