polaroid cameras

So many photography trends have come and gone within the different generations. We used to take our film cameras to a shop to get printed, and we used to have to wait a day or two to then pick them up and see how well they developed.

These days we live in an Instagram world. Everything is on an app; we can add filters and effects, and a lot of the time, they’re made to look like film developed photographs.

Now, a younger generation has bridged the gap between digital and film. With the help of instant cameras such as; Polaroid, Fujifilm, and Lomography. So many photos that we all take these days, to many of them end up in our hands as physical photographs. But with instant cameras, we now have tangible, physical evidence of a memory.

Even though these cameras never entirely disappeared from the market, they’ve evolved to allow space for the digital age. Most have mirrors on the front of their design for taking selfies; they can now be easily connected to mobile apps for easy editing and having both a digital and physical copy of the photograph.

There are many different types of instant cameras now available at various price points and in a whole manner of colours and sizes. We have a range of Fujifilm and Polaroid instant cameras available in our shop that you can browse through here.
We also stock several instant films, so you can get to snapping those photos right away!