Spring Photography Tips and Tricks

Spring Photography Tips and Tricks

Spring is right around the corner. With daylight slowly starting to last longer again, you’ll be looking forward to what spring brings if you’re a keen photographer. It’s the best season for capturing new beginnings. Flowers will be in full bloom, nature brings new life, and the weather is perfect for spending time outside exploring.
Below are some spring photography tips and tricks to get the most out of your photos.

Polarising filters

Spring brings colour and lots of it, from clear blue skies to the green of the trees and all the colours from a field of flowers. A polarising filter attached to the front of your lens is an inexpensive way to prevent any unwanted glare or reflections and creates contrast and saturation.

White balance

Before you start shooting, check your white balance. Different types of light have different characteristics. Colours can look more blue, green or orange than in reality. So be sure to check your white balance so that the colours you capture are well balanced.

Depth of field

Experiment and have fun playing around with your camera and its settings so that you can find your photography style. Experimenting with your depth of field on manual or aperture priority mode can give you a new view of your subjects. Remember, the wider the aperture, the more focus you’ll have in your foreground. The narrower your aperture will bring everything in view into focus.

Our team at Wessex Photo want you to get the most out of your camera and can help you pick the right equipment for what photographs you want to take. We have a wide range of camera lenses, filters, tripods and remote switches so you can capture the perfect shots. Contact us or visit one of our branches, and we’d be happy to get you fully equipped for spring.

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Photographing Christmas

Everybody loves this time of year, not for the presents or the food, but to spend it with family. Christmas brings a lot of joy to many, and if you’re an avid photographer, you’ll want to capture those moments. Below are a few tips to get the most out of your Christmas photographs this year.

Using the Flash

While using the flash on your camera comes in handy sometimes, in low light situations such as Christmas Day, where people rely on their Christmas tree lights and fireplaces for light to create a cosy feel to the day, using a flash can create some harsh-looking photographs. Use the light around you and make some dynamic and relaxed photos to look back on.

Bring life to your photos.

We all have obligatory family photos in front of the Christmas tree, where we all smile and get blinded by the flash. Instead of capturing posed photos, why not capture the candid shots. Your mom opening her present, the dog ripping up all the wrapping paper, your children playing with their new toys, and if you want that particular group family photo capture it without them knowing when you’re taking the shot. Take multiple pictures, take continuous shots, and capture them whilst they’re talking, laughing, or getting into position. You’re sure to find a favourite. Taking less structured and posed photographs can capture your families true Christmas.

Continuous Mode

Continuous mode on your camera can be a perfect way of capturing multiple photos of the same subject in short spaces of time. Perfect for reaction shots to your family opening their presents and seeing their faces light up with excitement and joy.

Capturing the details

Many families go ‘all out’ for Christmas. The fancy plates come out of hiding that only get used once a year, the table is decorated with crackers and candles and multiple glasses and utensils, the tree is filled with baubles and homemade tree decorations that have been accumulated over the years, and now it’s their debut! Sometimes it’s those little details that bring Christmas together, that bring happiness and laughter. So don’t forget to capture those little details!

Merry Christmas!

From all of us at Wessex Photo, we would like to wish you all a safe and Merry Christmas, and we will see you all in 2022! We look forward to printing your Christmas photos!