Photo restoration and colourisation

We offer a wide range of photo restoration, colourisation and manipulation services. We use the latest in digital imaging software and techniques to help bring your memories back to life. 


We can complete most orders same day in-store


Consistent Quality and guaranteed satisfaction

Low Cost

Our prices start from just £5

Repair most creases, cuts or tears, and restore to its original state.

Old photos can often incur various forms of damage over time, we can repair photos so they are clear of distractions.

Remove any unwanted objects or people from the background of your image.

Add missing parts of a photo, whether it is torn corners or missing parts of the main subject.

Convert older colour photos to a uniform black and white or sepia tone. 

Combine two or more objects / subjects into a single image.

Light damage is common in old photographs, we can restore photos to their original colours.

Turn your old black and white or sepia photos into full colour images.

Smooth skin and remove any facial marks or blemishes.

We have a non-destructive workflow, which means your original image is not altered in any way, we will scan your photo and work on an exclusively digital duplicate.

We price each restoration on an individual basis, but here is our price guide to help you find the cost of your restoration:


Level 1 – Improve or Correct Colour, Brightness and Contrast, Basic Enhancement

Level 2 – All the Above, Repair to Minor Scratches, Minor Dust Spot Removal, Adjust Sharpness

Level 3 – All the Above, Repair of Larger Scratches, Creases, Cracks, Stains and Dust Spots

Level 4 – All the Above, Repair of any Damage on the Subject(s) Faces or the Main Subject Area

Level 5 – All the Above, Photo Merging, Complete Colourisation, Missing Sections






(These prices are strictly for guidance, actual quotes may vary)

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