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In a modern era saturated with digital photography, we have not forgotten the traditional roots of the analogue film camera.

If you enjoy old-school photography, or have found some rolls of film at the back of a draw, then we can process these bringing your photos to life as prints. Alternatively, you can receive your photos digitally – on a CD, USB or via WeTransfer, perfect for uploading online.

Film development is making a huge comeback and Wessex Photo have over 30 years of experience processing film. We will take great care of your photos and they will be processed to the highest quality.

we sell and develop all types of film...


35mm, APS, 110, 126, 120, Colour, B&W, Slide and Disposable Cameras.

Dorset & Weymouth Video To DVD Transfer Services

in-store or by post...


You can drop your film into store at all 6 locations in Dorset and Hampshire, service time is 7-10 days (express options available).

Alternatively, our specialist film processing store is located at Blandford Forum and there we can process your film in under an hour.



Wessex Photo
9 Salisbury Street
Blandford Forum
DT11 7AU

Or – Click Here to Download a Pre-Made PDF Label

Please include with your package your name, number and the service you require. Once developed we will then take payment over the phone.

£3.50 for Return Postage, Signature on Arrival

Dorset & Weymouth Film Processing Services


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Film Processing


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Options available for all processing

  • Gloss or Lustre Paper
  • No border, or with White Borders
  • Scan and WeTransfer
  • High-Resolution Scans available for an additional £5.00