If you ever venture into your parents’ or grandparents’ cupboards, you may find boxes of photographs or photo albums full of old pictures from when they were younger. But are some of them fading? Damaged? Scratched and worn? Old photos are a window into the past, cherish memories that can take your parents. Therefore Grandparents back to their childhood.

Over time photos that have out on display start to fad, and others that have been in purses or wallets got torn, scratched or creased. With the advances in technology we now have at our fingertips these days, we now have the ability to bring a new lease of life to old photographs that may need a little TLC.

Wessex Photo can provide you with our photo restoration service. We take a high-quality scan of your chosen photograph and remove any spots, scratches, stains, marks, folds or tears, improve and  the brightness and contrast and enhance the photographs’ details and sharpness.

We can also provide a colour conversion service. Turning your black and white or sepia photos into full-colour images.

We have different levels of our restoration services to suit all budgets and needs. From basic level 1 to our gold level 5, which you can view here. Please be aware that our photo restoration and colourisation page prices are strictly for guidance. However, we provide you with an exact quote. If you fill in our form with a copy of the photography you’re looking to get restored.

We are giving 50% off all restoration between now and the 18th of June 2022. So why not treat your parents or grandparents to a restored photograph of their younger days that they can cherish. In pride of place in their homes? We can guarantee they won’t be disappoint. If you have any questions about restorations or colorizations that our page doesn’t answer. give us a call or pop into one of our branches, our team will be more than happy to help you.