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Cokin NX Expert Kit


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Expert Kit for the NX-Series 100mm filter holder system.
Filter holder
Polarising filter (in pouch)
1x NUANCES Extreme 10-Stop ND filter ND1024 (mounted in 100x100mm frame)
1x NUANCES Extreme Soft Grad filter S-GND8 (mounted in 100×143.5mm frame)
1x NUANCES Extreme Reverse Grad filter R-GND8 (mounted in 100×143.5mm frame)
1x NUANCES Extreme Hard Grad filter H-GND8 (mounted in 100×143.5mm frame)
3x ‘L’ size adapter rings (72mm, 77mm and 82mm diameters)
NX-Series System Wallet
adapter ring lens cap
Microfibre cloth to clean mineral glass filters
Screwdriver to install/uninstall 100mm filters in frames
Spare screws for filter frames
Phosphorescent exposure card