Filters are attachments that attach to the front of your camera lens. Typically made of either resin or glass, you can use filters to manage lighting conditions and enhance your photography.
Filters have a lot of uses, such as minimising glare and reflections. Reducing light coming through the lens and enhancing colours. Different filters achieve different outcomes.

Some affordable camera lens filters are clear and used solely to protect your lens from dust and scratches. Other filters can alter or boost colours in your images. Either increasing or reducing

or correcting the colour temperature of a particular scene. When it comes to shutter speeds and exposure, filters can help you avoid overexposure in fast shutter speed shots by blocking the light coming through the lens.

What filter do I need?

Well, that depends on what type of photography you do; however, here’s a list of the most popular filters, what they do and what kind of photography they work well with.

UV Filters

For all types of photography, and a must-have for any photographer. A UV filter can act as a protective shield for your camera lens. preventing dust and dirt from accumulating in your lens. UV filters are a perfect choice if you use a film camera as they can block the UV light from damaging the film.

Polarizing Filters

Again, for all types of photography, and an essential tool in a photographer’s camera bag. Polarizing filters can decrease reflections and also increase colour

. Many landscape photographers use a polarizing filter to add more contrast and saturation to their images. With a polarizing filter on your camera lens, you can capture some incredible photographers.

Close-Up Filters

Perfect for macro photography, this doesn’t mean you don’t necessarily need a macro lens for this filter; oh no, you can use this filter on standard lenses and can shoot macro photography. If you already have a macro lens, a close-up filter enables you to get closer to your subjects.

Wessex Photo has a range of filters to suit all types of budgets, from UV filters, polarizing filters, neutral density filters, special effect filters and accessories like adaptor rings. You can view our filters here. If you want more information you can contact us, or visit one of our branches and our team will happily help you with your enquiries.