Restoring old photographs

If you ever venture into your parents’ or grandparents’ cupboards, you may find boxes of photographs or photo albums full of old pictures from when they were younger, but are some of them fading? Damaged? Scratched and worn? Old photos are a window into the past, cherished memories that can take your parents or grandparents back to their childhood.

Over time photos that have been out on display start to fade, and others that have been in purses or wallets get torn, scratched or creased. With the advances in technology we now have at our fingertips these days, we now have the ability to bring a new lease of life to old photographs that may need a little TLC.

Wessex Photo can provide you with our photo restoration service. We take a high-quality scan of your chosen photograph(s) and remove any spots, scratches, stains, marks, folds or tears, improve the brightness and contrast and enhance the photographs’ details and sharpness.

We can also provide a colour conversion service, turning your black and white or sepia photos into full-colour images.

We have different levels of our restoration services to suit all budgets and needs, from basic level 1 to our gold level 5, which you can view here. Please be aware that our photo restoration and colourisation page prices are strictly for guidance. However, we can provide you with an exact quote if you fill in our form with a copy of the photograph you’re looking to get restored.

We are giving 50% off all restoration between now and the 18th of June 2022. So why not treat your parents or grandparents to a restored photograph of their younger days that they can cherish, in pride of place in their homes? We can guarantee they won’t be disappointed. If you have any questions about restorations or colourisations that our page doesn’t answer, give us a call or pop into one of our branches, our team will be more than happy to help you.

motorway night photography

Night Photography Tips

When it comes to night photography, you’ll need to know the ins and outs of your camera, it’s settings, and for the best results, manual photography. Below are some night photography tips that can help you capture stunning shots.


Before you even leave your house, make sure your camera kit and you are prepared to spend a long period of time outside. Wear warm clothing, take a hat and gloves (it will get cold!), extra batteries as cold weather can drain your camera batteries quickly. Take a torch! Just in case you can’t see all of your camera buttons and settings and makes setting up your tripod easier.

Manual mode

Shooting in manual mode will give you complete control of your camera settings, allowing you to adjust your shutter speeds, aperture and ISO to suit your situation.


As mentioned above, when adjusting your camera settings in manual mode, you can control and adjust your ISO. For night photography, you will need to set your ISO as low as you can go. The higher the ISO, the grainier your photos will be.


Night photography requires long exposures, and therefore you will need to set your shutter speed to 10 seconds or more. As much as you think you’re keeping perfectly still, we can guarantee you’ll have some movement and blurriness in your photos. Having a sturdy tripod can o the hard work for you.

Shoot in Raw

As we’ve mentioned before in a previous blog post, shooting in RAW has its benefits in post-processing. It allows you to edit your photographs to make additional enhancements that you will be limited with if it’s just a standard jpeg file.

We hope these night photography tips help you create some beautiful long-exposure photographs that you can be proud of. But more importantly, have fun with it, experiment and see what results you get from trying different settings.

Flower and Ladybug Macro

Macro Photography

With the weather getting warmer and the days getting longer, many of us are finding ourselves back in our gardens, taking strolls in parks and nature reserves, enjoying the beauty of the flowers all in bloom. With this comes the insects; spiders, bees, beetles, and beautiful butterflies. Have you ever tried to get up-close with the camera on your phone, and your creepy crawly insect is blurry? This is where a macro lens and macro photography are the way forward.

Macro Photography can open up a whole new world! Looking at the magnified beauty of leaves, plants, insects, and small animals and immersing yourself in their natural world, we guarantee you will not be disappointed.

Details count! It may take some practice and research to achieve the results you’re after in terms of composition, subject, and lighting, so we will give you a few tips.


The best lighting is on those bright yet overcast days to capture the vibrant colours of flowers and those gorgeous butterfly wings. And here’s why – sunny, cloudy days are perfect because the brightness will mean you can use a fast shutter speed to capture those busy bees going about their daily routines in sharp focus. And having clouds in the sky will act as a natural diffuser for your camera so that you won’t have any sharp-looking shadows in your photos.


Never be afraid to experiment with angles! Put yourself in a bug’s shoes and capture the flowers from the ground with the sun leaking through the petals (great idea, huh?). When shooting insects or small animals, make sure the eyes of the subject are in focus so they are clear and crisp. Don’t lose hope if your subject moves, scurries, or flies away; it will take practice and patience!


Tripods are your friend

Tripods are an essential piece of kit when it comes to macro photography. Whether you decide to get a tripod with a reversible head so that your camera can face down to the ground or spread the legs of the tripod to a nearly horizontal position so you can take photos at ground level, tripods will keep your camera sturdy for those fast capture moments.

Wessex Photo has numerous lenses, tripods, and other camera equipment that can help you capture those maco photos you’ve always dreamed of taking. Whether you’re a novice photographer or an expert, we have products to suit all budgets, so why not look at our shop or come and visit one of our branches and see how our team can help you find the right equipment for your macro photography.

Why a wide-angle camera lens needs to be in your camera bag

There are so many different camera lenses on the market today, with so many different specs, it can be hard to know which lens you need to suit your particular photography style. Below are reasons why a wide-angle lens needs to be in your camera bag.

Capturing the whole scene

Wide-angle lenses are the perfect choice for scenery. You can tell a story with just one image. You can focus on a particular building or focal point yet still capture the scene’s essence around you.

Greater depth of field

The wide-angle lens gives a greater depth of field. Depth of field is the distance between the nearest and furthest elements in your scene that appear in sharp focus within your photograph; this is why a wide-angle lens is a favourite tool amongst every photographer.

Giving portraits context

When doing portrait photography, many photographers capture the close-ups and the subject’s personality. However, capturing the context of your subject within your shot is one of the most effective ways to capture a successful portrait. It tells a story and gives a deeper meaning to your photography.

Creative flair

When taking photographs with your wide-angle lens, you will understand the many different ways one lens can enhance your images. With Lighting, camera settings and positioning, you can create a range of different moods and atmospheres, so let your creativity take over and push those boundaries for the best photographs.

What photography is a wide-angle lens good for?

Real Estate

Whether you’re in real estate, a wide-angle lens would be the perfect tool for taking images of the interior of homes. Not only can they capture the essence of the room, but they can also make them appear more spacious.

Landscape Photography

Wide-angle lenses are perfect for capturing landscapes, as you can almost get a whole 180-degree angle. Perfect if you want to sell panoramic views on canvases.

City and Seascapes

People love an excellent scenery photographs; we like to take photos or buy imagery of places we’ve been, things we’ve seen and have that memory for a lifetime. Cityscapes and seascapes captured with a wide-angle lens are the perfect examples of the most popular souvenirs from our travels.

If you’re looking into wide-angle lenses, take a look at our new and used options, or if you would like to know more about wide-angle lenses, why a wide-angle camera lens needs to be in your camera bag and if they could suit you and your photography needs, have a chat with one of our team who will be happy to assist you.

polaroid cameras

The Resurgence of Film Cameras

So many photography trends have come and gone within the different generations. We used to take our film cameras to a shop to get printed, and we used to have to wait a day or two to then pick them up and see how well they developed.

These days we live in an Instagram world. Everything is on an app; we can add filters and effects, and a lot of the time, they’re made to look like film developed photographs.

Now, a younger generation has bridged the gap between digital and film. With the help of instant cameras such as; Polaroid, Fujifilm, and Lomography. So many photos that we all take these days, to many of them end up in our hands as physical photographs. But with instant cameras, we now have tangible, physical evidence of a memory.

Even though these cameras never entirely disappeared from the market, they’ve evolved to allow space for the digital age. Most have mirrors on the front of their design for taking selfies; they can now be easily connected to mobile apps for easy editing and having both a digital and physical copy of the photograph.

There are many different types of instant cameras now available at various price points and in a whole manner of colours and sizes. We have a range of Fujifilm and Polaroid instant cameras available in our shop that you can browse through here.
We also stock several instant films, so you can get to snapping those photos right away!


binoculars for bird watching

Choosing the right binoculars

If you’re a keen bird watcher, a pair of binoculars is a must-have. If you’re new to binoculars and find yourself asking how to choose your binoculars, this article is for you.
The main thing to consider when shopping for binoculars is comfort. Binoculars need to be comfortable to hold with the focusing wheel in easy reach, and when viewing through your binoculars, you don’t want to be straining your eyes.
There are two types of binoculars.
– Porro-prism
– Roof-prism
Porro-prism binoculars are where the prisms angle from the eyepieces to the objective lenses.
Roof-prism binoculars are more compact and are recognised by a straight-through appearance. Roof-prism binoculars tend to be the most popular because they are more compact and therefore more comfortable.
However, it’s really down to personal preference for which type of binoculars you choose.

What magnification do I need?

The lower the magnification, the brighter the image, the greater the depth of field, and the easier the binoculars are to hold.
The higher the magnification, the darker the image will be, and the narrower the depth of field, which will require focussing more frequently, the harder the binoculars will be to hold still.
If you venture to estuaries, reservoirs or other large areas, higher magnification binoculars are more suitable when viewing from hides.
When choosing a pair of binoculars, you also need to consider your budget. If you’re new to bird watching hobby and you don’t want to commit to buying an expensive pair of binoculars, there are lots of budget-friendly, high-quality options.
We suggest coming to one of our branches to try out the different binoculars and find those that suit you. Our team at Wessex Photo will happily assist you in finding the right pair for the job. Take a look at our branch locations and come and visit us.
Special Mother's Day Gifts

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

With Mother’s Day on the way, use the Wessex Photo Mother’s Day Gift Guide to get organised. No last-minute flowers or chocolates this year! With that in mind, we can give you some inspiration as to what to get for Mother’s Day this year, which may even give you ‘The Best Child’ award!

The day to make her smile.

Memories can make the best presents. Have you got a favourite photo of you and your mum? Maybe from a family holiday or a special occasion?
Our framed prints can make the perfect presents that your mum can proudly put on the wall. With the variety of frame choices, we’re sure you’ll find one that matches your home decor.

The day to make her feel special.

Maybe you want to spoil your mom for the day by doing the dishes, cooking her meals, cleaning the house so she can put her feet up and relax. How about treating her to an endless supply of cups of tea or coffee in a personalised mug. Not only perfect on the day, but every day she will have a reminder of how loved she is.

For the Supermum.

Mums do so much for us. They teach us to ride our bikes, tie our shoelaces, give the best hugs, advice, and support. They are our superheroes. So, why not gift your mom a memory that can be the pride of place in her home, with a canvas print.
We have many sizes and finishes for you to choose from, and the high-quality finish will make your shared memory last a lifetime.

Can’t decide on just one photo?

Get a gift that keeps on giving with a photo book. Collate all your favourite memories and create a unique gift that your mum can proudly show to all of her friends. With many templates and designs, you can let your creativity flow!


Give Your VHS Tapes a New Lease of Life

Give Your VHS Tapes a New Lease of Life

We think special moments should last forever. Why not give your VHS tapes a new lease of life with Wessex Photo’s Restoration and/or Conversion Services? Every generation in your family can then treasure and pass on these memories, as technology continues to evolve. Wessex Photo provides colour restoration services; we can also convert your VHS tapes to DVD or USB.

Have you got your favourite family holidays on VHS? Maybe your wedding video? Or your children’s christenings? Would you love watch them again, but your tape is damaged, or you no longer have a VHS player? Are they too old to play on your TVs but you don’t want to get rid of them? Now, you don’t have to – you have come to the right place! We can help you to:

  • Turn your weddings, christenings, and favourite family photos into memories to last a whole new lifetime!
  • Convert your VHS tapes to DVDs, making them accessible for you to watch over and over with the family.

What if my video is damaged?

Video repairs can take various forms, from mouldy tapes, snapped tapes to broken casings – let us work our magic! Take a look at our video editing and video and audiotape repairs and see if our services could help you bring your videos back to a new lease of life.


For easy streaming, storage, editing and viewing on a smart TV or computer and laptop, we can convert your VHS tapes to USB. Not only are your VHS tapes digitised for endless playing, but your favourite moments are also kept safe and secure for any occasion.

If you have a few VHS tapes in mind and want to know more about our services, you can take a look here. Alternatively, you can pop into one of our branches or contact us via our contact form.

Gift Guide for Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Valentine’s day is nearly upon us, and if you’re still searching for the perfect gift to say ‘I love you,’ how about trying something new this year?

Why not take some romantic photographs of you and your significant other? There’s no other gift as unique as a personal or intimate valentine’s day photoshoot that you can both treasure forever.

Whether you’ve had a valentine’s day photoshoot from a professional photographer or have taken your own photographs together, at Wessex Photo, we can take your favourite photographs and turn them into timeless pieces that you and your significant other can have pride of place in your home. Take a look at our Valentine’s day gift guide below and find something special this year.

If you’re looking at ways to get your photographs printed, why not print your favourite photo and put it in our popular Adventa heart photo blox. They’re easy and quick to get printed for you, and with the lovely little hearts inside, shake it up and let the love float around your favourite photo.

If you’re looking to make something for your loved one this valentine’s day, maybe a photo album of your life together so far? Our heart photo corners are the perfect accessory to stick your photos into your craft photobook, giving your photos something that little bit extra.

We have a range of photo frames that would suit any room in your home.

Let the sparks fly and glisten with our True Valentine Glass Photo frame.

‘Together is a beautiful place to be’, and this two-layer heart frame is the perfect photo frame for you to have in your home to celebrate your life together.

Please take a look at our other valentine’s day gifts here. We’re sure you’ll find something your loved one will treasure this year and many years to come.

Spring Photography Tips and Tricks

Spring Photography Tips and Tricks

Spring is right around the corner. With daylight slowly starting to last longer again, you’ll be looking forward to what spring brings if you’re a keen photographer. It’s the best season for capturing new beginnings. Flowers will be in full bloom, nature brings new life, and the weather is perfect for spending time outside exploring.
Below are some spring photography tips and tricks to get the most out of your photos.

Polarising filters

Spring brings colour and lots of it, from clear blue skies to the green of the trees and all the colours from a field of flowers. A polarising filter attached to the front of your lens is an inexpensive way to prevent any unwanted glare or reflections and creates contrast and saturation.

White balance

Before you start shooting, check your white balance. Different types of light have different characteristics. Colours can look more blue, green or orange than in reality. So be sure to check your white balance so that the colours you capture are well balanced.

Depth of field

Experiment and have fun playing around with your camera and its settings so that you can find your photography style. Experimenting with your depth of field on manual or aperture priority mode can give you a new view of your subjects. Remember, the wider the aperture, the more focus you’ll have in your foreground. The narrower your aperture will bring everything in view into focus.

Our team at Wessex Photo want you to get the most out of your camera and can help you pick the right equipment for what photographs you want to take. We have a wide range of camera lenses, filters, tripods and remote switches so you can capture the perfect shots. Contact us or visit one of our branches, and we’d be happy to get you fully equipped for spring.