Guide To Night Photography

Night photography is colourful and amazing- whether you want to capture a stunning landscape with the moon and stars or…

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Tips for Outdoor Photography

Are you new to the Outdoor Photography world and now sure where to start? Well, there is so much you…

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Making The Most Of Your Summer Memories

With Summer having fast approached us, we all know Summer is full of good times. Making many memories with our…

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wildlife photographer on Safari

Tips for Wildlife Photography

When you want to capture those breathtaking wildlife shots, the first thing any wildlife photographer will tell you is the…

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How Using Filters Can Enhance Your Photography

Filters are attachments that attach to the front of your camera lens. Typically made of either resin or glass, you…

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Restoring old photographs

If you ever venture into your parents’ or grandparents’ cupboards, you may find boxes of photographs or photo albums full…

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motorway night photography

Night Photography Tips

When it comes to night photography, you’ll need to know the ins and outs of your camera, it’s settings, and…

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Flower and Ladybug Macro

Macro Photography

With the weather getting warmer and the days getting longer, many of us are finding ourselves back in our gardens.…

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Why a wide-angle camera lens needs to be in your camera bag

There are so many different camera lenses on the market today, with so many different specs, it can be hard…

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polaroid cameras

The Resurgence of Film Cameras

So many photography trends have come and gone within the different generations. We used to take our film cameras to…

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